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Updates In Real Time


Introducing Bonus Buy Tuesday: a single day where you can earn free bonus items just by purchasing the items you already had on your list!  

  • Shop on Tuesdays and save more
  • Add items to your cart to unlock freebies along the way.
    • For example, there may be a bonus unlocked at $50, or $150; as you shop, check your cart to see what deals are available to you!
  • Check the list of Tuesday Bonus Buys at the top of this page weekly and stay informed of the latest bonus deals! 

 This Tuesday, Nov. 10th, we're extending Bonus Buy "Tuesday" through Monday, 11/11. Just for fun... But next week it will only be on Tuesday! :) 


10/29/2020  Current Order Info:

Angus Meats offers in-store pickup (free) or local delivery to the Spokane area for a small fee. Current turnaround time is about 2 business days. Some items are quicker, some may take a little longer, but we'll be in touch via email to make sure you stay informed on your order's progress.

How long after I order will I get my order?

Available in-store pick-up days: Mon-Fri (with an average 2 business day lead time)

Available local delivery days: Wednesday & Thursday, 9am-3pm (with an average 2 business day lead time)

Email contact: angusmeatsspokane@gmail.com  Phone: 509-482-7033 
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-3pm