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Serving suggestion:  Teriyaki Chicken Over Rice
Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Breast, Ready to Cook

Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Breast, Ready to Cook

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 Wet-aged in a classically delicious Teriyaki marinade. 

 Two tender and juicy 4oz b/s chicken breasts drenched in a flavorful and aromatic blend of classic teriyaki flavors to create a savory and lightly sweet 'n spicy flavor profile, perfect for slicing up over rice, pasta, salad, stir-fry, or for eating all by itself!

Flavor notes: 

Lightly sweet, spicy, soy, garlic.  

Each pack contains 2 x 4oz boneless/skinless Chicken Breast in Angus Meats house marinade.

Complete ingredients listed on label. Made with real ingredients: separation after thaw is natural. Gently massage ingredients around in thawed product before opening to thoroughly coat chicken. 


  • Classic flavor teriyaki marinade blended in-house
  • Lightly sweetened with real brown sugar
  • No MSG 
  • Each pkg contains 2 x 4oz boneless & skinless chicken breast with marinade
  • Total weight, approximately 5.3-5.8 oz per package
  • Frozen product
  • Ready to cook 
  • USDA inspected 
  • Vacuum-sealed packaging with labeling
  • Available for pickup or delivery 

Preperation instructions: 

Thaw in fridge overnight or for the day. This is when the marinade really goes to work! Ensure product is fully thawed before cooking. Gently massage marinade ingredients into chicken breast right before cooking. 

Pan sear or grill on high for 3-5 minutes per side or until browned sufficiently and reaches an internal tempature of atleast 165 degrees F. 

Food Safety Information: 

For your safety all of our products are minimally handled. All  protein products have USDA stamp of approval and meet the highest standards for quality and freshness.

Keep raw chicken away from all other ingredients. Thaw package in a bowl in case of leakage. 

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