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Angus Meats Restaurant Packs

Angus Meats supplies restaurants and grocers in the Spokane area and now offer the same great quality meats directly to consumers on Our Restaurant Packs are ONLY available on our website.

Angus Meats Direct Restaurant Packs allow you to buy in bulk and save on premium locally hand-cut meats. 

Restaurant Packs are the best way to stock your freezer with fine-dining quality meats that's budget friendly. 

Get a large quantity of meat with the convenience of portion packaging. All Angus Meats Restaurant Packs offer individual or ideal portioned quantities to make freezing, thawing and prepping your protein hassle-free.

  • Less trips to the store
  • Perfect for meal prepping
  • Packaged in convenient portions

Our Restaurant Packs are created for the household that craves only the best protein - and a lot of it.