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Order Guide

Orders can be fulfilled for the greater Spokane area. Any orders outside of the area will require special handling and delivery costs. Please contact us for further details.


How To Order: Made Simple


Creating your order for local delivery or pickup is fast and simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps to completing your order and be sure to call us if you need any help: 509-482-7033 

Currently we offer local delivery or pickup in the Spokane area. Check your zip code "here" to see if your location is within our ship-to zone. 

Step 1: Create an Account

You may check out as a guest, however, making your account beforehand will cause the checkout process to run much smoother. Once you have your shipping address, email address, and billing address in the system, you are ready to shop. 

Step 2: Add to your Cart

Use the "Shop" button on the homepage or search for what you want by typing your inquiry in the search field in the upper-right corner of the web-page. For example, you can type "beef" in the search field and after entering your search any beef-related products will appear. 

Select the amount of each item you would like and push the button that says "add to cart". 

Step 3: Checkout

Follow the prompts on the screen to fill out order details. For delivery options you  can choose to pick up in our store during business hours (2810 N Hogan Street) or you can choose delivery straight to your home for a small fee. Once submitting your order you'll receive an email confirmation. 

If you have any questions about the order process or run into any issues, please contact our office at (509)482-7033. We'll be glad to help you walk  through it. 

If you don't see the quantities you need to order please call us. Depending on our inventory we may be able to accommodate your order.



Any orders placed for local delivery which are outside our delivery zone will be cancelled. 

Any orders scheduled for pickup that are not picked up in the time-frame agreed upon will be cancelled and refunded. Please call if you will not be able to pick up in the agreed time-frame. 

If you're not sure your location is within our local delivery zone, please call ahead,  or opt for local pickup.