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85% Lean Ground Beef Patties

85% Lean Ground Beef Patties

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85% lean, mean, and ready for grilling

85/15 is on the leaner side among burger options. It's considered health-conscious, protein-stout burger, while still being quite juicy and flavorful. 4/1 meaning 4 patties to a pound; 3/1 meaning 3 patties to a pound, rendering slightly thicker patties. 

For your safety all of our products are minimally handled, fresh-packed, vacuum-sealed, and flash frozen. All products have USDA stamp of approval and meet the highest standards for quality and freshness.


  • Ready to cook
  • 85% lean ground beef patties
  • Your choice of 3/1 or 4/1 thickness
  • Vacuum-sealed to maintain peak freshness
  • 1 lb packaging; frozen product
  • Fresh available upon special request 
  • Available for delivery or pickup 

Savings Specs:

Each pound is individually vacuum-sealed in its own packaging. Save 10 cents per-pound when you purchase four 1lb packages:

  • 1 lb ea @ $5.59 per lb
  • 4 lb ea @ $5.49 per lb

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