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Pork Country-Style Ribs

Pork Country-Style Ribs

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Country-Style Ribs

These are meat strips resembling ribs but without bones. Despite the name, they are not actually ribs. The use of the word "ribs" likely originates from the meat's familiar texture and rich flavor akin to rib meat. This pork cut has more fat compared to other rib cuts and a lower price tag than tenderloin.

These ribs are sliced from the juncture of the loin and shoulder, blending fat and lean meat. Due to their high fat content, country-style ribs benefit from slow cooking. Extended cooking time allows the fat to render out, resulting in succulent ribs.

Ideal for home cooks and grill enthusiasts, country-style ribs are a meatier option less prone to drying out during cooking compared to other rib cuts. The marbling in the meat enhances the flavor when grilled.

For your safety all of our products are minimally handled, fresh-packed, vacuum-sealed, and flash frozen. All products have USDA stamp of approval and meet the highest standards for quality and freshness.


  • 2 x 4-oz ribs per package
  • Boneless ribs, leanly hand-trimmed
  • Frozen product; ready to cook
  • Vacuum-sealed to maintain peak freshness
  • Available for delivery or pickup 

Savings Specs:

  • 2-Pack (4 x 4-oz, 1 lb total) @ $7.49 per lb

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