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Every Day is Taco Tuesday Kit
Every Day is Taco Tuesday Kit

Every Day is Taco Tuesday Kit

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When Every Day is Taco Tuesday

Ground beef is a taco staple. But what about chorizo, or thinly sliced steak? Don't hold yourself back: spice things up with Angus Meats Taco Tuesday kit which includes a whole pound of 85% lean, grass-fed, organic ground beef, 1 pound of Spanish Basque house-made chorizo pork sausage, 14oz of thinly sliced, premium steak (carne asada-style), and 2 ounces of naturally gluten-free, locally-crafted taco & fajita seasoning mixes. 

For your safety all of our products are minimally handled, fresh-packed, vacuum-sealed, and flash frozen. All products have USDA stamp of approval and meet the highest standards for quality and freshness.


  • 1-lb pkg Spanish basque chorizo pork sausage* 
  • 1-lb pkg All-natural, 85% Organic ground beef 
  • 14oz pkg thinly sliced premium steak ( New packaging) 
  • 1-oz package locally made taco seasoning mix*
  • 1-oz package locally made fajita seasoning mix*
  • Vacuum-sealed to maintain peak freshness
  • Frozen product
  • Available for delivery or pickup 

*Allergen Info:

Spanish basque pork sausage has a seasoning which contains soy. Michlitch Spokane Spice company's procedures are allergen-conscious and naturally gluten free. 

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