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The underated OTHER tenderloin...

Beef Beef Griller beef shoulder chuck tender Griller major petite chuck should roast petite shoulder tender shoulder tender teres teres major

In an effort to demonstrate just how delicious and versitile this supple cut of beef can be, I decided to make a few of my favorite beef dishes to see how the Beef Griller Steaks holds up under scrutiny. I was not disappointed!  


I made the following dishes using 8-oz Beef Griller Steaks:

  • Roasted Veggie & Beef Kabobs 

Method: Patted fully-thawed steak with paper towel to remove excess moisture. Sliced steak into 2" chunks and seared on cast iron (hi-heat) for about a minute per side. Salt & pepper.  Oven-roasted veggies on hi-broil until lightly browned. Skewered cherry tomatoes, roasted onions, zuchinni, bell peppers, and steak pieces. Served with ranch. 


  • Teriyaki Steak over rice w/steamed brocolli 

Method: Patted fully-thawed steak with paper towel to remove excess moisture. Lightly rubbed steak with Mark Peterson's Extreme Team BBQ rub. Seared steak on cast iron med-hi for a few minutes per side. Let sit 5 minutes. Sliced into thin pieces atop a bed of rice witih a light drizzle of teriyaki sauce.

Method: Patted fully-thawed steak with paper towels to remove excess moisture. Sliced fully-thawed steak into 1" bite-sized pieces. Tossed with Huckleberry Heat BBQ rub. Seared on high (cast iron) for a minute per side until carmelized. Tossed in a little more Huckleberry Heat BBQ rub and melted butter before serving with a side of ranch.   

But... What is a Beef Griller Steak

Beef Griller Steaks (Petite Tenders), while unrelated to the traditional beef tenderloin, are actually one of the most tender pieces of meat on the entire animal. For years it was included in other larger roasts cut from the “chuck” (shoulder), but once the “petite tender” was discovered, chefs and restaurateurs jumped at the chance to put it on their menus. It is lean, very tender and much smaller than the “other” tenderloin.  

There seem to be a lot of favorite names given to this cut by butchers, chefs, and ranchers alike, some of which you may have heard: shoulder tenders, teres major, spinalus dorsi, etc., but whatever THEY call it, we know what YOU will be calling it. Two words. Freaking-Delicious!

Learn more about this amazingly tender, way under-rated steak.

Cooking with the Beef Griller Steaks: 

Cast iron, pan sear, BBQ, broil, bake. 

Texture/Flavor Profile:

The muscle fibers on this small, cone-shaped cut run parallel to the long axis of this muscle. Almost as tender as filet mignon, with slightly more fat, and thus more flavor.


2nd only to the Beef Tenderloin. 

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