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Bonus Buy Tuesday

How does it work?

Every Tuesday: shop to unlock bonus items and deals! 

We want to reward you for shopping with us.We've decided to hold weekly Bonus Buy Tuesday to help you stretch your dollar a little further than before, and, unlock new and interesting products for you and your family to enjoy! 

Bonus Buy Tuesday is a single day each week where you can earn free bonus product, just by purchasing the items you already had on your shopping list!  

  • Shop on Tuesdays, and save! 
  • Add items to your cart to unlock freebies along the way.
    • The free bonus product is unlocked when your cart reaches $100+ on Tuesdays. Add something to your cart and then accept the item in the freebie pop-up window. TIPS: if no pop-up appears, add the Bonus Buy Item to cart manually and enter code BBTFREE at checkout. 
    • Still need help? Email us at or call 509-482-7033 during business hours. We're always happy to help! 


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