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What ARE Flanken-Beef Ribs?

Flanken Beef Ribs

    If you have ever heard of “short ribs,” then you are well on your way to appreciating these thin, long, “crosscut” beef ribs. 

    Instead of cutting these ribs that are located at the shoulder end of the “prime rib” area lengthwise like you might see with baby back ribs or spareribs, flanken-style means they are cut perpendicular, right through the ribs, so that each piece of meat has multiple small pieces of rib rather than one long piece.

    Flanken ribs are most famously associated with Korean “kalbi” preparations which is Korea’s version of teriyaki. These ribs work great for any Asian preparation, but let’s not limit them to one cuisine!

    Once again, rub or marinate them in anything that suits your fancy, heat your grill to the highest heat and quickly sear them to medium doneness and you are good to go.

   If you are the type of person that knows that eating beef right off the bone has the best flavor, then these are right up your alley!


Here's a way to prepare them in the "Kalbi Beef" fashion. 

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