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6 ways we've earned our customer's trust.

Angus Meats began in 1972 on the words of founder, George Stachecki, “There is no substitute for quality”. And that statement is at the heart of all our decision making. We know the quality our customers deserve, and we take no shortcuts to arrive there.

  1. Unwavering adherence to food safety regulations

Angus Meats rigorously follows all food safety programs and carries out meticulous sanitation procedures between each batch, all of which is overseen by USDA agent daily. Before the standardized HACCP (hazardous analysis critical control point) program was enforced on meat, seafood, and juice, Angus Meats adopted a TQC (Total Quality Control) program which is followed in addition to required quality control measures. 

  1. Thoughtful sourcing

We believe in sourcing superior meat that is raised fairly & honestly by good people who know what they’re doing. Owner Tom Stachecki personally toured many of the facilities we purchase from in the US to see their operation and build rapport.

  1. 3rd Party Auditing

In addition to daily USDA inspection, Angus Meats hires a qualified 3rd party auditor to scrupulously inspect our plant. We hold an average audit ranking of 98.5%; one of the highest in the industry (for comparison, anything over 75% is generally accepted in the meat industry).

  1. USDA Certified / Hospital Sanctioned

Hospitals and retirement facilities require food to be above the safety levels which are generally accepted in the industry. Of course, the main requirement for any food service is that it be USDA certified (that we are), however, when it comes down the line, our ranking and quality programs speak for themselves, often out-ranking competitors in quality, consistency, and price.  

  1. Extensive variety

Being a purveyor, supplier, and manufacturer, and having built relationships with suppliers near and far, Angus Meats has been known to procure anything from wild game, to seafood, to buffalo burgers for our food service partners, and we continue to expand our direct-to-the-customer online store, Angus Meats Direct (www.angusmeatsdirect.com)

  1. Vacuum sealed packaging

We promise to never deliver your chicken breast in a flimsy white foam plate on a soggy piece of gauze with a thin layer of plastic over the top. We use vacuum -sealed packaging whenever possible, and believe it is the very best way to protect food and preserve flavor. People have been vacuum-sealing their food for years, but very few in the meat industry have adopted the same. 

Vacuum sealed packaging saves you money, preserves food’s freshness and flavor, and makes for easy storage, and more:

  • Protects food from freezer burn
  • Protects food from dehydration
  • Keeps food fresh for up to 14 x longer than other food storage
  • Reduces Waste
  • No chemical preservation



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