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Saturday Night: Prime Ribeyes & Sides

Saturday Night Grilled Ribeye Steaks & Veggies

For this Saturday night dinner, Tom prepares 10 oz Ribeye steaks using techniques he's developed to ensure his steaks are perfectly done and perfectly juicy -- every time. Also, he demonstrates how to create those perfect-looking grill marks, so you can impress your family and friends, or spark grill-envy in your neighbor Jerry, who's always judging your lawn. 

Made on a gas-grill.

Entree: 10oz Prime Ribeye Steaks

Sides: Mushrooms, onions, and green beans. 

 Step 1: prep.

The green beans are started, and the onions and mushrooms are sauteed together with olive oil. 

The steaks are lightly seasoned with salt and pepper on each side. The grill is fired up. 

Step 2, Hot Sear

Once the grill starts letting out a little smoke, and the dial reads 500 degrees F., it's GRILL TIME!


The steaks are set diagonally on the grill to begin hot searing. Turn steaks 90 degrees every 2 minutes, a total of 4 minutes per side.

Flip steaks, and repeat on other side 2 minutes, turn 90 degrees, then 2 minutes.

Step 3, Roast & Finish

After last 90 degree turn, move steaks to warming-grill, or "bun warming" grill plate. Turn all the burners off except one. This is the "roasting" phase. It will cause your steaks to plump up and continue cooking without blurring your sear-marks. 

While your steaks are finishing, don't forget to switch out your raw-meat plate to a fresh plate for your perfectly cooked steaks.

AND...  never forget the wine.


Final Step: Serve!

Pair with your sauteed vegetables and a pat (or two) of butter... and voila! 

In the event of leftovers...

Chop up any leftover steak and veggies and you've got your lunch all set for the next day. 


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