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Grilled hand-smashed Burgers & Mushrooms: Tom's Rainy Day BBQ

Part of a series I started because owners Tom and Leslie love to cook gourmet meals at home - rain or shine, and figured it would inspire you as much as it did me! 


Grilled Hand-Smashed Burgers & Mushrooms: Tom's Rainy Day BBQ.

Nothing like a rainy-day BBQ!

1. Prep: For the Burger, I used our 85/15 All-Natural 1lb Ground Chuck bricks.

The prep-work was done inside with little effort. I like a bit larger burger than some, so I cut the brick into thirds (and I like leftovers to use in lunches, so I made two bricks worth). This would be about 5.3 oz. each. I hand-smash my burgers most of the time. But when I'm in a hurry…the pre-smashed work just fine.


Place the ground beef 3rd on a plate, top with parchment paper, "smash", &  repeat.

Next, I chopped up some onions, readied the mushrooms, and sliced some medium cheddar. My favorite cheese is medium cheddar. Nice flavor and melts fairly quickly to finish.

2. Grill Time

I have grilled onions in the past but it was the first time for the grilled mushrooms. I tossed them with olive oil in my handy-dandy grill basket. 


3. Time to Enjoy the Results!

I served my cheeseburger on green lettuce. Salad dressing can also be added on the lettuce for a little extra kick. I use just mustard as the condiment. In my opinion, ketchup takes away from the charred beef flavor. 

The extra burgers were made into sandwiches for work-lunches!


It was a great meal, and it was all accomplished on the bbq.

Next time will add some of our thick-cut, honey-cured bacon. I tried to bbq bacon one time but had to call the fire department (Only kidding …on the fire department part). I do not recommend bbq bacon, unless you're using a frying pan.

Photos and directions provided by Tom Stachecki.

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