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Angus' Picks: Top 10 Gifts

People don't need more "stuff". People need something to sink their teeth into!


If you can think of someone on your list who might agree with that statement, then we've got the perfect gift ideas for you!

Here are the top ten picks, ranging from practical (Holiday Pack) to novelty (Tomahawk Steak), you're sure to find something for that special person on your list (Pssst! Scroll down to the bottom for a very special coupon!).


1.  Holiday Giving Pack


Full of sausages, turkey breasts, and everything nice, this pack is stuffed with everything needed to make the season bright. You can order this pack to be delivered to a friend or neighbor, or opt for contact-less curbside pickup! 

2. Choice Beef Tomahawk Chop

Awe and amaze your friends and family with the gift of a Beef Tomahawk Chop. This jaw-dropping steak comes rustically gift-wrapped in brown butcher paper and twine-tied, and includes chef-authored easy grilling and roasting instructions. Each steak is about 3-lbs, and serve 2-3 people.


3. Prime Beef Cowboy Steak

Prime Beef represents less than 1% of all Beef graded in the United States which means each bite will be the most succulent, juicy and tender bite of beef they will ever experience. Don’t wait on this bad boy, supplies is limited! Makes a truly special holiday gift. Also comes gift-wrapped, and includes chef's cooking instructions. Serves 2-3 people.


 4. USDA Prime Steakhouse Collection

Be extravagant (without being frivolous). Show you love them with superior marbled PRIME beef. Beautifully packed in our signature matte black box. 

5. Higher Steaks XL Box

Raise the "steaks" with this XL box full of our top sellers: tender and juicy Boneless Ribeye, the flavorful New York cut, and of course, the coveted Beef Tenderloin, plus, we've added delicious and flavorful Top Sirloin, and the versatile Flank steak. 



6. Signature Branded Baking Sheet

Roast, bake, brown, and sear on this heavy-duty baking sheet, made in the USA! This pan is not your "average" cookie sheet. Although it can be used for cookies, sure, it can do a whole lot more! Restaurants can brown and cook many different types of food to perfection because of their heavy-weight cookware. That is why Angus Meats Direct invested in the right type of pan to ensure delicious and evenly browned meals.

 7. BBQ Flanken-Style Beef Ribs

This is the kind of "short rib" for those who know that eating meat right off the bone has the best flavor! Flanken means they are cut perpendicular, right through the ribs. These meaty ribs are famously associated with Korean “kalbi” preparations, but let’s not limit them to one cuisine! There are many different ways to enjoy BBQ Flanken Beef Ribs, and that is why they make such a great gift.


8. The Black Flag Sauces

For all your saucy friends, and sauce-obsessed family members. Introduce them to their new favorite! The Black Flag sauces, made right in Seattle, Washington. Marinade, dip, or sauce it with The Black Flag's superior tasting BBQ sauces made with the finest ingredients.


 9. Angus Meat's Spokane Crafted Spices 

Angus spices  give aroma, color, flavor, and even texture to your favorite dishes. Try our signature "Brisket Licker" for a gentle kick on your next steak or burger, or  "Huckleberry Heat" on chicken or pork. Choose from authentic Mexican flavors like Fajita or Taco, and more.  


 10. Brat Sampler Box, 4-pack 

These fresh-ground, handcrafted sausages are bursting with bold flavors. Serve in hoagie buns with all the toppings, casseroles,  soups, pizzas, pastas, or however you fancy. 


To make gift-giving a little easier, we're offering FREE DELIVERY in the Spokane/ CDA area with code FRIENDSHIP (single use code, valid on orders $75 and above through December 31st, 2021), cannot be combined with other coupons/offers. Local delivery includes Spokane, Cheney, Post Falls, and CDA area. If you're not sure if your area is covered by our local delivery, please call 509-482-7033 and we'll be happy to help!

Thank you for supporting local this holiday season. May your steaks always be juicy, tender, and never over-done. ♥

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