Labor Day Specials 2021 – AngusMeats

Labor Day Specials 2021

Cheddar Bratwursts, buy one get one FREE 

Buy one @ $4.99, get another FREE. That's 8, juicy handcrafted cheddar bratwursts for only $4.99. Shop now: 


Family Pack, over 25% off (was $80.25, now only $58.99!)

A family-curated meat pack full of easy, breezy meal & snack-time staple proteins. Even your pickiest eaters won't argue with the amazing variety of flavors (see substitution options below!).  Just imagine the smiles as you serve up tender steak bites (great with horsey-ranch dip!), corn-pop dogs, delicious thick-cut bacon, pork breakfast sausage, 80/20 ground beef, spanish chorizo-bacon sausage (mild), juicy boneless and skinless chicken breasts, and... who wants dessert!? A Cyrus O'Leary Pie (of your choosing) is the cherry on top of this major Family Pack! Substitutions available; see listing for details. 


Select Smash Burgers; 50% Off! ($7.49 for 6 huge burgers!)

     ...Create thumbprint in the middle of your burger ball and fill with your favorite toppings: mushrooms, Gorgonzola cheese, feta, bacon crumbles, olives, onions, etc. Pinch the top of your burger ball closed to cover the stuffing, gently mash into a thick, juicy patty, then grill to desired doneness... and Muah! Hand-smashed perfection. 



NEW! Cyrus O' Leary's Banana Creme Pie; Single Serve! 

Graham cracker crust with our silky banana cream & whip topping, with a touch of Dutch garnish for even more deliciousness!


Organic 100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef 12-Pack

 We present to you our 100% organic grass-fed beef, from cattle raised on the rich, fertile plains of New Zealand (a land untouched by GMOS!) In an 85/15 lean-to-fat ratio vacuum-sealed in 1 lb packaging for your convenience. No chemicals, no fluff, just delicious burger ground from fresh, organic beef. Catch this unheard of price while supplies last! 12 pounds for just $46.68.


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