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Introducing: Angus Brands Sheet Pan Suppers

Angus Brands introduces an effortless gourmet at-home meal option, the Sheet Pan Supper. Our take on the "take and bake".

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Sheet Pan Dinners-The New Phenomenon

Sheet Pan Dinners are easily becoming one of the most popular ways to create fast meals for your family at a fraction of the time, leaving more ways to create lasting memories with your loved ones gathered around the table. In fact, in recent years, cooking by way of the sheet pan has taken the world by storm because of its ability to employ shallow baking pans using recipes containing variations of protein, starch, and vegetables. Most of the exponents of this method mention relative affordability, approach-ability, and the ability to pile everything onto the pan, and ending with dinner...

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6 ways we've earned our customer's trust.

Angus Meats began in 1972 on the words of founder, George Stachecki, “There is no substitute for quality”. And that statement is at the heart of all our decision making. We know the quality our customers deserve, and we take no shortcuts to arrive there. Unwavering adherence to food safety regulations Angus Meats rigorously follows all food safety programs and carries out meticulous sanitation procedures between each batch, all of which is overseen by USDA agent daily. Before the standardized HACCP (hazardous analysis critical control point) program was enforced on meat, seafood, and juice, Angus Meats adopted a TQC (Total...

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Where does your meat come from?

In 1972 when my father started this business there was a quota for beef purchases. Dad didn’t have a quota because that was his first year in business. Fast forward to today and we have another high-demand and low supply for proteins because of the current COVID- 19 world crisis we find ourselves. That same question was asked in 1972 {Where do you get your meat?}, but for different reasons.

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Spatter Free Oven Bacon

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Bacon is pretty great, but the process of cooking it can get a little greasy -- even painful (why do those tiny specks of boiling oil always go straight for my eye?). 

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